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1. Rapid Nutrition PLC and its related entities  accept no responsibility for the entirety or accuracy of any of the information

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    make their own judgments about those matters. To the extent permitted by law, Rapid Nutrition PLC and its related entities exclude all liability

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2. Information or materials that are pornographic, offensive or unsuitable for minors’ access or otherwise having criminal or violent nature may be

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3. You assume all risks associated with use of the Site including, but not limited on:
            3.1 the risk of your computer, data or software being damaged by any virus which might be transmitted or activated through the Site or

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            3.2 the risk that the content of this Site and linked websites abides with the laws of any country outside Australia.

4. Your use of this Site may be logged for the purpose of security and usage monitoring.

5. Unauthorised access or use of this Site could result in criminal prosecution.


Please see the entire Privacy Policy elsewhere on this Site for more detailed information.

1. In some parts of the website, Rapid Nutrition will ask you for personal information, including your email address. Rest assured that the

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2. Rapid Nutrition may use your nominated email address for administrative reasons; otherwise, we will not use your e-mail address for any

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3. Rapid Nutrition logs the following information for statistical purposes:

         3.1 your IP address;
         3.2 the time and date of your visit to the site;
         3.3 the pages you’ve accessed and documents you’ve downloaded; and
         3.4 the type of browser you used.

    Rapid Nutrition also logs all files downloaded from our website to analyse usage.

4. No attempt will be made to identify the users or their browsing activities except, in the improbable event of an investigation, where a law

    enforcement agency may employ a warrant to inspect our logs. Rapid Nutrition, to the extent legally possible, will not discharge any detailed

    information from these logs.

5. Your web browser will need to accept cookies to access certain features of the Site. The Rapid Nutrition website uses both single-session

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    expire when you leave your browser.

6. The information you provide through the website will be kept secure within Rapid Nutrition. If you wish to reach Rapid Nutrition regarding

    any aspect of our Privacy Policy please contact us directly.


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