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Rapid Nutrition exports a range of healthcare products including the Leisa’s Secret® product range which comprises of a system of meal replacement shakes, high potency energy boosting tablets, weight loss tablets and an appetite suppressant powder.


SystemLS™ brand includes a variety of high protein shakes, high fibre bars, organic multivitamins, fat burning shots and super grain granola cereal.


The Company continues to develop new products with the recent development of its new organic certified vegan protein expect to be rolled out to the market in early 2018.


In 2018 the Company secured the Exclusive Master Distribution rights for Australia with General Nutrition Corporation (“GNC”) one of the world’s leading global speciality, health, wellness and performance retailer. GNC has more than 8,000 locations worldwide, including presence in the US and more than 50 international countries. GNC is the creator of sub-brands including Beyond Raw®, Mega Men®, Pro Performance® Amp and Total Lean™

Rapid Nutrition is dedicated to the development and distribution of premium, science-based health and wellness brands across the globe. Rapid Nutrition shares a wealth of award-winning products with consumers who are passionate about innovations that are “made by nature, refined by science.” Rapid Nutrition’s first-class scientific team matches the experience of its management team to keep both the company and consumers on top of the latest industry trends and developments, while aligning with industry leaders worldwide to deliver effective supplements and solutions. 

Leisa's Secret®



Each component of Leisa’s Secret Advanced Weight Loss System has been developed as a result of extensive research and reliable evidence. Leisa’s Secret Advanced Weight Loss System also recognises and combats the common pitfalls in weight loss. For example, many dieting aids make the mistake of assuming a ‘one size fits all’ approach. By cramming all essential ingredients into the one formula, the quality and effectiveness of individual components are compromised. 

Flagship Brands: 

Expanding product portfolio



System LS™ includes six innovative products developed after rigorous scientific testing. Each product provides natural and organic ingredients designed to support weight loss and a modern lifestyle. Further, the products include a revolutionary patented phone app, which offers ongoing motivation for consumers.