Rapid Nutrition Releases Mid-Year Report 2016/17 Highlighting New Stock Listing, Additional Distribution Channels and Extended Product Range

March 31, 2017

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Rapid Nutrition Releases Mid-Year Report 2016/17 Highlighting New Stock Listing, Additional Distribution Channels and Extended Product Range


London, March 31, 2017. On the heels of its new listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange, Rapid Nutrition (SIX: RAP) is reporting a mid-year net profit of AUD 508,695 for the period up to December 31, 2016, which represents a 96% increase on the prior comparative period and a top line revenue increase of 39% to AUD 2,071,325 on the prior comparative period.


In addition, Rapid Nutrition recently opened new distribution channels in Asia. Likewise, the company is expanding its product portfolio with the development of a certified organic and vegan range of protein; the new line will be introduced through Rapid Nutrition’s established international distribution network in May 2017.


“Based on the platform and business model we have built and given the momentum of the past six months, the company expects further growth and attractive profits,” said St. Ledger, Managing Director of Rapid Nutrition. “Continued growth for our company and our shareholders and access to new distribution channels and partners remain a priority for the rest of the year as we continue to expand and share our organic healthcare products with consumers worldwide,” St. Ledger added.


Rapid Nutrition’s listing at SIX Swiss Exchange will permit investors a better stock performance comparison with other renowned global brands and market leaders. While gaining access to an area with a stable economic and regulatory environment, Rapid Nutrition will also enjoy a stronger opportunity to raise capital for global expansion plans. The SIX Swiss Exchange based on its own assessment is Europe’s leading exchange for life sciences companies, representing about 40 percent of the European market capitalization of listed companies in this segment.


The H1 report 2016/17 is available on the company’s website:



Financial Calendar:


October 31, 2017                 Publication of 2016/17 Full-year Results

December 05, 2017             Annual General Meeting (2017)






About Rapid Nutrition PLC

Rapid Nutrition is a natural healthcare company focused on the research, development and production of a range of life science products. The company was established based on its weight loss supplement range which is exported worldwide and offers consumers a growing range of health and well-being solutions to meet existing and emerging societal health concerns, as well as a providing a number of wider services to the life sciences industry.



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