Rapid Nutrition Expands Globally with New U.S. and International Fulfillment from Sportika

September 12, 2016

London, United Kingdom – Promoting health, wellness and nutrition across the globe, Rapid Nutrition has partnered with U.S.-based Sportika for product fulfillment in the United States and sales and distribution internationally. Serving more than 140 countries, Sportika is celebrating 25 years of delivering the top sports nutrition brands to customers worldwide as Rapid Nutrition continues to expand its global footprint.


“As we continue to establish our flagship brands as industry leaders, this new partnership with Sportika provides the perfect opportunity to take our company to the next level while giving more health-conscious individuals and organizations access to the best in natural healthcare,” said Rapid Nutrition Managing Director Simon St. Ledger.


The partnership is expected to add significant revenue to Rapid Nutrition’s core brands. Rapid Nutrition’s SystemLS includes innovative products developed through rigorous scientific testing; each product provides natural and organic ingredients designed to a modern lifestyle.

“We are looking forward to working with Rapid Nutrition and to sharing its SystemLS brand with the rest of the world,” said Sportika CEO Rich White. “The brand is already attracting attention in the United States, so it made perfect sense to partner with Rapid Nutrition for even greater growth.”


Sportika is recognized for providing superior regulatory support for international exports as well as international banking, warehousing and logistics, marketing and brand awareness.




About Sportika

Launched in 1991 to enhance the growing sports nutrition market, Sportika now serves more than 140 countries – more than 70 percent of the world’s market. The company’s goal is to provide international customers with the best source for high-quality sports nutrition brands. For more information, please visit http://www.sportika.com/.

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