Rapid Nutrition Expands National Rollout through Australia’s Largest Retailer, Woolworths

August 7, 2015


Brisbane, Australia – Satisfying consumer and investor demand in Australia, Rapid Nutrition recently expanded its distribution through Woolworths, Australia’s largest retailer. In particular, the natural healthcare company’s SystemLS Satisfy organic high-fiber health bar continues to sell out and exceed expectations.


Rapid Nutrition, an organic healthcare company dedicated to global growth, supplies the System LS weight-loss system which is designed for lasting, healthy weight loss. SystemLS Satisfy bars are made from 100 percent organic antioxidant-rich whole foods

and vegan protein to satisfy hunger cravings with a healthy option.


“Within just three days, we were asked to triple our order for the Satisfy bars due to the incredible amount of interest and repeat orders at Woolworths,” said Rapid Nutrition Managing Director Simon St. Ledger. “As we continue to expand to new markets across the globe, we are thrilled with our success at home. Our cutting-edge nutritional products are making a big splash in Australia.”


Australia’s supermarket giant, Woolworths has a presence in nearly every metropolitan and regional center in Australia and New Zealand and recently celebrated its 90th year in the retailing business; it reported third quarter FY15 sales of $15 billion. The company prides itself on working closely with local growers and businesses to offer the best products to its customers. Woolworths originally began offering System LS in 2013 and recently expanded its commitment to the organic lifestyle system, offering the system in more than 300 stores.


As reported by IBS World, supermarkets are expected to be the biggest market for vitamins and supplements in Australia, accounting for 28.7% of industry revenue during 2013-14.The company’s next target market for greater expansion is the United States, where the snack bar market is estimated at $6 billion, according to recent Rabobank research. “Of the back of the company’s strong performance with major retailers in Australia, we are confidant of achieving the same by partnering with a major retailer in the US, says St ledger.”


In addition to the Satisfy bars, Rapid Nutrition recently rolled out SystemLS Nourish shakes, a high protein meal replacement shake formulated with the highest quality, non-GMO grass-fed whey protein, at Woolworths’ stores.


About Rapid Nutrition

Rapid Nutrition is a natural healthcare company focused on the research, development and production of a range of life science products. The company was established based on its successful and proven weight loss supplement range which is exported worldwide and now offers consumers a growing range of health and well-being solutions to meet existing and emerging societal health concerns, as well as a providing number of wider services to the life sciences industry. For more information about System LS, please visit http://www.systemls.com






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