Strategy & Objectives


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Our growth strategy is intended to build a vertically integrated company with a unique position in the life sciences and nutraceutical space. We set our sights high in terms of short-and long-term company goals, while seeking additional global opportunities for company growth. 

We aim for:


Expanded international reach. Growing across five other continents, Rapid Nutrition will continue to pursue international opportunities for distribution and sales.


Accelerated production. Internal processes have been streamlined to speed up the manufacturing and delivery of SystemLS products so that we can fulfill the increased volume of orders satisfactorily on schedule.


Online outreach. With an enhanced and redesigned website – Rapid Nutrition is better able to reach out to investors, consumers, distributors and partners. To that end, we will continue online marketing campaigns and updates to take advantage of the updated global site.


Regulatory compliance. With expanded internal compliance checks in place, Rapid Nutrition has worked with several country’s bodies of compliance in order to garner approval.


Expanded intellectual property. Rapid Nutrition’s internal research and development team continues to expand IP and product innovations to respond to the global healthcare and nutrition market.


Growth within markets. We seek to expand our market presence – bolstering our U.S. sales team to cover all 50 states as an example – while still seeking new opportunities for growth.